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June 3, 2022

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IPMA meets with ISMS

Members of the IPMA Executive Council had a very informative and productive meeting with the members of the Illinois State Medical Association Legislative team. The call arranged by IPMA Lobbyist Matt O’Shea offered an opportunity to remind ISMS staff of the podiatric training and education. We reminded them of our desire to work more closely with the ISMS on upcoming legislation.

When asked which of the state specialty groups the ISMS worked with the most, they shared we were the top of the list.

The key take-away from the meeting, led by IPMA Secretary and Legislative Chair, Thomas Nordquist, DPM and President Ashley Lee, DPM was the common goal to improve patient care and ensure each patient has access to the right medical professional trained to best care for their needs.

Our next steps will be to meet with the ISMS Government Affairs Committee and/or the Council on Education and Health Work Force to ensure they are aware and up to date on podiatric schooling and training. If you know a member of either committee, please contact our Executive Director, Kristy Radcliffe at

Connections help build bridges of understanding.  




IPMA is on the move! 

Starting June 1st use the below contact information:

Illinois Podiatric Medical Association

One Westbrook Corporate Center

Suite 300

Westchester, IL 60154


Anyone looking to purchase used office furniture and file cabinets, please contact our office before May 23.



Schedule a time to talk with the IPMA Executive Director 

Do you have questions about the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association? Schedule a time to chat with the Executive Director, Kristy Radcliffe. For current members, this is a great opportunity to ask questions or share your concerns. For those considering membership, Kristy can share the plans for the future and answer any questions you have about joining the IPMA. If we are not available to our members, why are we here?  

Schedule a phone call or a Zoom chat by emailing  



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