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April 2, 2024

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Featured Articles

How to Provide Industry Member Career Planning Resources

Do you know what benefits matter most to your association’s members? Association industry research shows that member career planning help – specifically job opportunities and career development resources...


Association Forum Announces 2024 Honors Award Recipients

Association Forum announces the five honorees for the organization’s most prestigious awards, who will be recognized at Association Forum’s annual Honors Gala. The event will be held on June 20, 2024, at Chicago’s...


How to Quickly Evaluate the Capabilities of a Team

Matt is the newly appointed CEO of a health-focused non-profit organization. He came to the role with previous experience leading non-profits but also brought a decade of skills he built through critical roles with...



Beyond Bronze, Silver, and Gold—Grow Success With Purpose

A colleague recently referred to the time before the pandemic as “innocent.” That description struck a chord with me. She was talking about how unprepared we were for the dramatic changes we experienced...


2024 Predictions – Non-Dues Revenue Diversification is Key

While most associations rely heavily on member dues as their main source of revenue, we will continue to see a shift toward adding non-dues and passive revenue streams in the coming years. Diversifying your revenue stream...


Why Associations Are Feeling Optimistic

A new report finds that associations feel things are looking up. And there’s good reason for that to continue—if they don’t get complacent. According to the report, based on a 2023 survey of professionals from more than 300...



Industry Trends

Engagement Analytics 101: Setting Your Association Up for Success

Your members can provide you with a lot of data about what they are interested in and how well your association is meeting their needs. Are you taking advantage of this important information, or are you still creating...


New Bureau Launches to Meet High Demand for AI Speakers

Murmurs of AI have been lurking in the background of the technology landscape for decades before emerging to disrupt every industry. Now, planners are eager to book AI experts as speakers for events...




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