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July 20, 2022

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New Research: Fashion Shoppers' Post-Purchase Selfies Are Key to Cutting the Rising Volume of Online Returns

61% of US and UK consumers say seeing visual user-generated content (UGC) from other customers can reduce the growing number of fashion ecommerce returns which is hitting retailers’ profitability and...


How Reverse Logistics Supports the Sustainability Agenda

As humanity continues to populate and expand its presence across the globe, the snowballing effect of waste, in particular, e-waste, is trickling in a noticeable path. With experts predicting the annual generation of e-waste reaching 74.7 metric tonnes (Mt) by 2030, businesses...

Indian Government Starts Work on Right to Repair Rules

India’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs says it is developing a right to repair framework to reduce waste and bolster parts of the economy. The committee set up to address the matter identified mobile phones and tablets as priorities at its first meeting last week...



New Research: How Consumers Believe Fashion Retail Should Tackle the Returns Crisis

For a long time, free returns in online fashion has been industry standard, shifting from a point of differentiation to a minimum expectation. But with return rates fiercely escalating, the cost to both brands and the environment is forcing the industry to rethink its policies in...

The Average Manufacturer Spends Up to 20% of Revenues on Product Returns: LogiNext

LogiNext, a global leader in automation technology focusing on transportation, home deliveries, omnichannel fulfillment, and B2B distribution, today announced the findings of their global study on the reverse logistics market. The study, which was conducted with over...



RLA Member Spotlight

ERI Receives Highest Score in Compliance Standards’ 2022 ITAD Vendor Reputation Ratings Survey

ERI, the nation’s largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, has been awarded the highest Vendor Reputation star rating (4.5 stars) in...


Nike Aim to Cut Packaging Waste in Half with New ‘One Box’ Design

Although most sneakerheads like keeping their shoeboxes for preservation, aesthetics, storage, maintaining value or something else entirely, the very notion of getting a shoebox shipped to you in a box of its own...

Boohoo Introduces Returns Fee to Offset Rising Shipping Costs

Boohoo has quietly introduced a fee for returns as the cost of shipping continues to increase. The fast-fashion retailer will charge customers £1.99 per parcel returned to its warehouse. Customers will be refunded...

Should Indies Start Charging for Returns? Probably Not, Says Expert

Following news that Boohoo will join Next and Zara and start charging for online returns, indies will be wondering if they can also reduce costs by implementing a similar strategy. Experts are warning, however...

nShift: 40% of Consumers Want to “Try Before They Buy”

Some two in five consumers still expect to "try before they buy" when shopping online. Increasingly, people expect to order a range of items, with the full expectation of returning some of them...

How Sustainable Manufacturing Could Help Reduce the Environmental Impact of Industry

When we talk about sustainable manufacturing, we mean cleaner and more efficient systems with less resource consumption, less waste and emissions. It is to simply minimize any negative impact on the environment...

California Doesn’t Know What to Do with Solar Roofing Waste

California went big on solar roofing 20 years ago, and 1.3 million solar panel rooftops later, they hadn’t prepared for the waste. Yahoo News reports that only 1 in 10 solar panel roofs are recycled because recycling...



RLA News

RL Magazine Edition 120 Has Just Been Released!

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